Just started a new blog

So here I am making a new blog on the internet. After finding a half-decent host, I’ve started a WordPress blog and so far well, hosting your own instance is a lot slower than just using WordPress.com to host it but eh, it’s a lot looser rule wise too :V

Anyhow lemmie introduce myself. I’m this purple cat thing who posts on the internet I guess, and I’m somewhat into tech, Linux, and playing video games. I want to learn coding and I want to make my own video games, but I need to find time to do that stuff. I spent all day getting WordPress working and while it’s up, it’s a bit slow (sadly). I still need to edit a lot of stuff on it, but it’s late at night and I’m getting sleepy so that’ll be something for tomorrow. I’m also dumping Twitter for good, there’s no real point in using it anymore as it’s a warzone. I’ll write another post tomorrow, it’s late tonight.


I'm a purple cat :V

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